Honda CD70 Payment Plan with No Markup

With Honda CD70 0% markup and downpayment - Installment Plan 2023, turn towards the road.

Over the years, Honda has provided the country with amazing motorcycles at affordable prices. The devaluation of the rupee and the general decline of Pakistan's economy have, nevertheless, put pressure on prices in recent months. Because of this, Faysal Bank and Honda have developed affordable Honda CD 70 Instalment Plans for the general population, enabling them to easily purchase CD70 without a down payment.

Riders who want to switch to a trustworthy and superior option without any additional fees or interest can take advantage of the installment plan as a key feature.

Overview of Honda CD70 specifications

A 4-Stroke OHC single-cylinder air-cooled engine powers the Honda CD70. The bike's 72 cm3 OHV displacement. The bike has an 8:8:1 compression ratio with a diameter and stroke measurement of 47.0 x 41.4 mm.

A continuous 4-speed mesh gearbox is built into the CD70 model. The bike's frame is of the backbone variety and has an 8.5-liter fuel capacity. 1897 x 751 x 1014 mm, with a 136 mm ground clearance, are the bike's measurements.

Honda CD70 Features Overview

The Honda CD70 2023 has the same general characteristics as the earlier model. The colour scheme of the stickers on the gasoline tank and the sides of the bike are two undetectable alterations that have been made to the new CD70 model.

Additionally, it has the same kick-start feature for starting the engine. The motorcycle's performance has also been enhanced, which the buyers perceive as a slight adjustment. The Honda CD70 is available in the colors red and black.

Performance Scale

The CD70 carburetor has undergone some important modifications by Honda, which have enhanced both the riding pleasure and the engine's fuel efficiency. The motorbike's small weight makes it simpler for the rider to control it on congested roadways.

The Honda CD70's price hasn't changed all that much from its earlier models. The Honda CD70's current price is Rs. 75,500, though.

2023 Honda CD 70 Payment Schedule

Honda has made it simpler for customers to enjoy their chosen CD70 with a simple installment plan that requires no down payment and has no additional fees of any kind. The payment plans' lengths range from three months to sixty. Visit HONDA Bikes Pakistan's or Faysal Bank's official websites for additional details about installment payments.

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