The Google Play Store will not be removed from Pakistan after December 1st.

Online claims saying that Android users in Pakistan would be unable to get Google Play Store services are false and misleading since users will still be able to access the Play Store.

However, Android users in Pakistan will be unable to purchase premium applications or utilize in-app paid services via mobile carrier billing – a method for mobile users to pay for apps using their cell credits — since the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) halted a $34 million payment to global internet businesses. This was done to halt the outflow of funds from the country.


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The SBP halted Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), an online mobile payment system that allows consumers to purchase using their cell credit, according to the information. As a result, payments of $34 million to international service providers such as Google, Amazon, and Meta have been halted.

However, it is important to note that Pakistani users can still purchase applications or utilize paid services on the Google Play Store using credit or debit cards.

In this respect, the MoITT, the PTA, and four cellular mobile operators (CMOs) jointly submitted a letter to the SBP urging that it rescind the decision to remove the DCB method for the payment of dollar fees in view of the country's financial crisis.

Response of IT Minister Amin-ul-Haq

In a more recent development, Amin-ul-Haq, the Federal Minister for Information and Telecommunications, has taken note of the situation and written to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, requesting that the central bank restart payments.

In light of the aforementioned situation, he also stated that in the future, before making IT-related decisions, the government and SBP must engage with the IT Ministry.

Furthermore, he emphasized the issues and challenges that the telecom sector is already facing, which have been exacerbated by SBP's payment suspension.

He added that blocking payments to international organizations will bring the country's reputation into disrepute and that Android users who run paid apps or use in-app paid services will experience significant difficulties as a result of this decision. He also reaffirmed that the services of free apps on the Google Play Store will continue to be available.

After this formal involvement, SBP could likely approve the $34 million that was due. If money is exchanged, direct carrier billing could be reinstated, allowing consumers to once more purchase programs from the Google Play Store using this method.

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