How to Enhance the Fuel Average of the Honda 125 & CD70 in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the skyrocketing price of gasoline has triggered a panicky scenario, particularly when prices rise every day. Both the rising cost of gas and the use of motorcycles are beyond our control. However, we can take some action to raise the fuel economy of Honda's 125cc and 70cc motorcycles.

In this article, we'll talk about ways to improve Pakistan's Honda 125 & CD70 fuel averages.

Tips to Increase Honda 125 and CD 70 Fuel Average

The tried-and-true techniques listed here can help you save a few liters on each ride.

Lower Tire Pressure

Your motorcycle's fuel economy directly depends on the tire pressure. In one of their investigations, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA demonstrated that every 1% reduction in tire pressure results in a 0.3% reduction in fuel consumption.

Honda advises lowering tire pressure unless you are traveling on a rocky road. To boost the fuel average, it is advised to keep the tire at a moderate or suggested pressure.

Cleaning of Air Filter

The air filter is essential for improving the fuel economy of motorcycles. Additionally, recent studies have demonstrated that replacing or cleaning air filters can dramatically save fuel expenses.

The function of the air filter is to transport outside air to the engine, where it combines with gasoline to ignite the engine. It will take longer than necessary to get enough air to the fuel to ignite the engine if the air filter is clogged, oily, or stuck.

The engine consequently consumes more fuel than is necessary. Therefore, it is strongly advised that bikes regularly change their air filters.

Chain Maintenance

The majority of motorcycles come with zero-ring chains, also referred to as the "Final Drive of Motorcycle." It is strongly advised to clean, lubricate, and maintain the chain every 500–700 km.

The next maneuver makes for a smooth, comfortable ride and raises the bike's average fuel economy.

Engine Oil Replacement

Regularly replacing engine oil is also recommended to increase the engine’s efficiency. Besides, it also results in an increased fuel average.

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