Free 5 Chrome Extensions For Gmail That Save Your Time

It seems to me that digital networks and email are constantly fighting over who can suck the big time.

Therefore, I'll take advantage of whatever opportunity I can to follow the adage "work smarter, not harder"especially when it relates to email.

Try out these free addons and see how much time they can save you in a every day if you're in the same situation and use Gmail on Chrome or a Chrome-based internet browser like Microsoft Edge.


Nothing compares to having an email to send, accessing Gmail and compose it, and then getting bogged down in your inbox for hours.

With Quick Compose, a Chrome plugin that opens a Gmail compose window from any Chrome website when you press Alt + C, you may completely avoid the Gmail user interface.

You can specify the subject line, default addresses (To, CC, and BCC), and what, if anything, automatically populates the message content. Additionally, you may right-click on a section of text on a website and select "Compose Email" to automatically fill the email's body with the selected content.


Gmail labels used to be a great method of message organization. However, if your inbox is like mine, the left-hand sidebar has out of hand itself totally.

With the Gmail Tabs extension, which adds a useful "Add to tabs" link to the submenu of each of your Gmail labels, you can keep your favorite labels in the spotlight. To avoid having to go through the label list each time you want to read a message, you may add a tab to your Gmail configuration that displays all of the messages for a particular label.

The top of your list of messages has another "Add to tabs" button. Using this, you can make a tab out of particular searches, such as those for emails with attachments or coming from a particular sender.


There are moments when you have to protect yourself, Try the Mailbox When Ready addon if you find yourself spending excessive amounts of time checking your email.

The extension's most basic function is to force you to deliberately un-hide your inbox's contents, which acts as a speed bump.

But the ability to schedule a lockout is even eviler. You can completely block off certain times or limit how frequently you can check your email. If you go over the limit, there will be a set delay before you can view your messages.


The Simple Gmail Notes extension can be used when an email message's body content is insufficient for context.

Similar to attaching Post-It Notes to any email, the notes are saved in your personal Google Drive account. In order to identify which emails have notes linked to them, you can also view brief excerpts of notes right from your inbox.


With the Gmail Email Templates extension, you can spruce up your outgoing messages by selecting from a variety of pre-designed templates, creating your own, or importing templates from Mailchimp.

Even better, you may easily copy a template from an email you get from someone else and add it to your own template library with just one click.

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