13 New Feeder Routes to Central Metro Stations are Approved by CDA.

13 New Feeder Routes to Central Metro Stations are Approved by CDA.

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) board has given the go-ahead for the launch of 13 new feeder lines in Islamabad that will link commuters from different sectors to the central metro bus stops.

According to the specifics, the project's initial phase, which consists of 13 routes and 128 buses, is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2023.

Also, the additional feeder routes will link commuters from sectors F, G, and I as well as D-12 to the central metro network.

According to the sources, these routes will give 100,000 commuters access to luxurious, world-class travel amenities

The National Bus Service construction project in Sector I-11 and the construction of a bus terminal at I-11 were both approved by the board, along with the operating of buses on the route from PIMS Hospital to Faisal Mosque, NDU, and back to PIMS Hospital.

To address parking issues, the CDA board also authorised the remodelling of Serena Chowk, the construction of a single-barrel underpass, and the construction of six parking plazas in various centres.

Residents of Islamabad would applaud CDA's plan to expand the feeder network since it would give them more practical and inexpensive transportation options.

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