Angry Birds Game One of The All-time Most Popular Games is Being Lost to Android.

Angry Birds Game One of The All-time Most Popular Games is Being Lost to Android.

The original Rovio Classics: Angry Birds game, which was first released in 2009 and later rebranded, will be removed from the Google Play Store on February 23, 2023, marking the end of an era for one of the most well-known video games in the world.

But, rest assured that other games in the franchise, such as Angry Birds 2 and Dream Blast, will continue to be available on the app store.

The game will be renamed "Red's First Flight" in the Apple App Store, subject to further review when it gets taken down from the Play Market on Thursday, the creator announced on Twitter.

For devices where it has previously been downloaded, the game can still be played even after it has been removed from the Play Store. Consequently, it is advised that you install the game and make sure it is functional before the deadline if you enjoy Rovio Classics: Angry Birds.

The game's removal from Rovio's catalog includes Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Dream Blast, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Journey, Angry Birds Reloaded, and Angry Birds Minecraft has been justified by the influence it has on other titles.

We are incredibly appreciative of the Angry Birds players who have demonstrated their devotion to the name and our game from the very beginning. As we work daily to create the finest experience for players, we hope that those fans will continue to bring their enthusiasm to our live Angry Birds slingshot games, including Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Friends, and Angry Birds Journey.

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