Samsung’s Charging Upgrade is Coming to Older Galaxy Phones


Samsung’s Charging Upgrade is Coming to Older Galaxy Phones

Samsung's new Galaxy S23 phones now have a new "bypass charging" capability, as rumour had suggested. In order to reduce heating and extend the battery's life, this technology distributes power directly to the phone.


It is accessible on some of Asus's ROG Phones because it is especially designed for gaming.


By updating the Game Launcher app, Samsung is now bringing bypass charging to some of its older smartphones. This update is already available for select Z Fold devices and older flagships like the Galaxy S22.


The list of devices that Samsung will officially support for bypass charging is still pending clarification, although more Samsung phones are receiving this capability every day. Given that some devices are receiving it while others are not, it is clear from this that the deployment was probably not planned. Regional variations could also be a factor.


Update the Game Launcher app if you have a current Samsung flagship to enable skip charging on your phone. The most recent version is as of this writing. To see for yourself, launch the Game Launcher and access the Game Booster options.


The "Pause USB Power Delivery" toggle ought to be present. Keep in mind that for this feature to operate, your phone must have a charge of at least 20%.


According to some sources, this feature is only compatible with Samsung's 45W Power Delivery (PD) charger, although that information is probably untrue because a feature of this nature shouldn't be constrained by a charging brick.

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